Sunday, 24 June 2012

Big Show's plans of winning Money in the Bank Smackdown 22-6-2012

Big Show was a little upset about his loss at No Way Out not because big Johnny was fired, the person who gave him the contract in which he could say or do anything, but because he wasn't satisfied that what he did to John Cena. Big Show said that if there was a one on one fair match he would had crushed John Cena but the other 5 superstars came to help Cena and didn't let Big Show to escape the cage but still he doesn't care about it much because now Money in the Bank is coming near and he is planning to win it as he is the World's Largest Athlete and this time he doesn't care if there are 5 or 6 or 7 or 8 superstars against him because they would not be able to stop him winning Money in the Bank brief case which has a guaranteed contract in which a person can challenge a world champion anytime he wants to. Big Show said that he would be challenging the WWE Champion, that means he would be competing the RAW Money in the Bank which might not be a good news for RAW locker room, and when he wins the WWE Championship he would stay the WWE Champion as long as he wants as no one would be able to stop him or beat him to become the new WWE Champion and that might be the start of the bad days in WWE.

Well I would go with the Big Show that once he becomes the WWE Champion hardly any one would be able to stop him but first Big Show have to win Money in the Bank contract, well he can beat the hell out of 4 men at a time but at No Way Out big Show beaten down by John Cena and other 5 superstars which caused him to lose. Big Show's extra weight is enough for breaking the ladder and that means he won't be able to reach  to the top and even if he does dis balancing can lead to a severe injury for him. so even if he beats all the men down he hardly have chance to win Money in the Bank.  

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